Meal Preparation

It is important that we keep up with our daily meals. We have to eat the right food and follow a meal schedule to avoid getting sick. However, when you’re sick or still recovering from a recent hospitalization, you may have difficulty preparing your own meals and may even be forced to skip them. This can be very dangerous and might cause health complications.

Knowing that preparing meals may be difficult for you at the moment, let our home care staff help you out. One On One Services offers assistance with meal preparation to include:

  • Coordinating with Nutritionist
  • Preparing Meals for the Client
  • Reminders for Medication In-take
  • Mealtime Feeding Assistance
  • Monitoring the Client’s Diet
  • Planning Meals
  • Check Food Expirations

For questions and service availability inquiries, please call One On One Services at 561-865-5488.